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Under insuring on your house insurance is a risky proposition says Santander

According to a recent survey conducted by Santander over 40% of homeowners who took out a home insurance policy did not read their insurance agreement before taking out a policy.


Are more young people failing on how to save money?

According to a parenting and relationship specialist young people in England, Wales and Scotland should learn how to save money, in a step to help them learn the value of money.


Not taking an active role in your mortgage could cost homeowners thousands

According to new research many homeowners are not taking an active role in understanding and managing their mortgage.


Is switching a bank account as easy as it sounds?

According to a recent study on current account holders in the UK, it has been revealed that people who have switched to a new bank account have had problems.


Auto renewing your car insurance should be avoided says

A spokes person from has talked about the importance of not auto renewing their car insurance policy. Motorists should not allow motor insurers to auto renew their car insurance when their annual term finishes, as most renewal prices are much higher than last year’s price and often less competitive than other insurers.


Pet owners should look for quality insurance cover and not the cheapest says Hastings Direct

A spokesperson from Hastings Direct has been talking about the importance of buying a quality pet insurance policy that focuses on the level of cover provided for injury and illness, and not the cheapest priced deal.


Credit cards are seen as a good way to help manage consumer’s finances

Having a credit card can be a great way to help manage your finances, so long as consumers use the credit card in the correct way.


Are payday loans a bad idea when it comes to borrowing money?

According to a money advice service payday loans are a bad idea when it comes to borrowing money. Consumers may want to use a payday loan service to help with their financial matters, but with extremely high rates of interest for borrowers, it is a really expensive way to borrow money.


Five Percent Inflation Predicted

According to a Lloyds TSB poll of UK consumers inflation is expected to rise yet again, this being the tenth month in succession where the people of the UK have felt that inflation would increase.


Pocket Money Down Compared With Previous Year

The Halifax has reported that the amount of pocket money given to children has fallen compared with last year. In 2007 the weekly amount was just over GBP8, though this has fallen to a little over GBP6 this year.


Oil Heating Fuel Theft Threat

The Abbey National is warning homeowners who use oil for heating to make sure it is insured as thefts of the valuable resource are on the increase.


26 August Sees New Account Introduced

Lloyds TSB has just announced a new current account, called the Vantage. The account offers tiered rates of interest and is open to both existing and new customers.


Card Schemes Should Be Clearer

Sainsburys Bank would like credit card deals made easier to understand to help customers find the best option to suit them.


Stake In Big UK Insurer Taken By Chinese

The Prudential, the second largest life insurance provider in the UK, has seen the Peoples Bank of China take a one percent stake in the company, worth GBP130 million.


PM Apparently Misled Public Over Bank Sale

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, apparently told the people of the UK that Northern Rock could be sold for a profit in the future while his own advisors had said otherwise.


Number Of Estate Agents To Close

The Halifax is to close over 50 of its estate agent branches across the country with the loss of around a hundred jobs.


Tackling The Credit Crunch

Abbey National mortgage customers facing difficulties on the back of the credit crunch are being asked to consider taking in lodgers to make ends meet.


Talking Dog Misleading

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint from a television viewer that the Churchill Insurance advertisements featuring the talking bulldog are misleading.


Asia Pacific Reorganisation For Bank

Citibank has reorganised its operations in the Asia Pacific area, giving top executives in the region much greater responsibility for more of the different products offered.


Travel Market Still Strong

According to the Post Office Insurance division spending on travel has remained constant, with no falls in currency or insurance transactions over the last couple of months.


Fuel Prices See Brits Cancel Bank Holiday Plans

According to information coming from AA Insurance the usual Bank Holiday trips out are going to be curtailed somewhat this year due to the high cost of fuel.


Speciality Focus Helps Insurer profits

Hiscox has seen first half profits increase thanks to them working more in the areas of specialised insurance cover, typically concentrating on small businesses and individual with a high net worth.


Holiday Cover Price Reductions

Tesco Finance has announced price reductions on its short break travel insurance products, a short break usually being three days or less.


Bonus For Card Holders

The Halifax has announced a new credit card called the All in One card, with an introductory offer to both new and existing Halifax customers of 11 months interest free balance transfers and card transactions.


Baggage Cover Important For Any Holiday

Legal and General are reminding UK holidaymakers to make sure their travel insurance includes their luggage, even if the trip is within the United Kingdom.


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