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Compare cards from over 20 Credit Card Issuers online! Choose from credit card companies like Capital One, American Express, Barclaycard, Egg, Coop and many others. Apply now for 0% on purchases and 0% on balance transfers credit cards! Using may help you save money on Credit Cards. Below is a helpful list of issuers who all offer credit cards:

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Why not apply for a credit card? Get low rates of interest APR, 0% balance transfers and 0% on purchases for a certain period of time. Also there are many credit cards that offer great reward schemes such as Nectar Cards and collecting Air miles. Apply today!

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Credit cards are seen as a good way to help manage consumer’s finances

Having a credit card can be a great way to help manage your finances, so long as consumers use the credit card in the correct way.


Card Schemes Should Be Clearer

Sainsburys Bank would like credit card deals made easier to understand to help customers find the best option to suit them.


Bonus For Card Holders

The Halifax has announced a new credit card called the All in One card, with an introductory offer to both new and existing Halifax customers of 11 months interest free balance transfers and card transactions.


Quarterly Profits Down As Defaults Rise

American Express has just announced quarterly profits significantly lower than originally expected, leading to a fall in the share price.


Card Loyalty Points Go Unclaimed

Sainsburys Bank believes that credit card users are not claiming the rewards being earned through loyalty point schemes, ultimately costing themselves money.