Apply For 0% Interest Purchases Credit Cards

Tip created over a year ago.

Credit card users can potentially save money with this credit card tip; applying for a 0% interest on purchases credit card has some great benefits.

A great benefit for consumers is to be able to spend on their credit card and not have to pay any interest charges for a certain amount of time. 0% interest on purchases credit cards do have a limited period usually up to 12 months. It can allow consumers to spread the cost when spending, so it might be a good way of raising the finance for a bigger more expensive item that you could not afford normally.

A great benefit to enjoy, but not many credit cards offer this particular benefit. See our comparison table for the best deals. Virgin credit card currently offer 0% interest on purchases, see what other benefits there are before apply for one of their credit cards.

Halifax credit cards offer 0% interest on purchases, see what else they are offering consumers.

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