26 August Sees New Account Introduced

Published: 8/26/2010

Lloyds TSB has just announced a new current account, called the Vantage. The account offers tiered rates of interest and is open to both existing and new customers.

There are no fees associated with the day to day running of the Lloyds TSB Vantage account and all customers need to do is pay at least GBP1,000 per month into the account and make sure it stays in credit. Interest rates are worked out on a daily basis and the rate determined is applied to the whole amount held.

The interest rates offered, go from 0.1 percent for the lowest amounts held up to a maximum rate of 5 percent where a balance is GBP5,000 or more. A Lloyds TSB spokesperson said that the tiered structure had been applied to reward customers and show them it was worth keeping their money in the account.