Auto renewing your car insurance should be avoided says

Published: 4/9/2012

A spokes person from has talked about the importance of not auto renewing their car insurance policy. Motorists should not allow motor insurers to auto renew their car insurance when their annual term finishes, as most renewal prices are much higher than last year’s price and often less competitive than other insurers.

Motorists should not let insurance companies renew their premium automatically without checking prices from other insurers first, as there are potentially cheaper deals out there.

Motorists need to be proactive when it comes to their car insurance renewal period. You can often find a cheaper car insurance deal if you are prepared to search around and get other quotes from other insurers. Try using a comparison table like ours to compare policy features and benefits from each car insurer provider.

See our car insurance comparison table for the latest offers. Plus, reading our guides and tips pages can offer consumers more detailed information and money saving hints.