Car Insurance Guide

Use our car insurance guide as resource for learning all about motor insurance. Below we give you all the information you require and much more to help find the right policy that will suit your car insurance needs.

Why Do Car Owners Need Car Insurance?

As car insurance is a big part of owning a car it is important that you need to learn how you can insure your vehicle at a more affordable price.

How Is Your Car Insurance Premium Calculated?

Your car insurance premium is calculated on risk and your likelihood of making a claim in the future. It also takes into account lots of other factors like the value of your car, your age, your personal circumstances and several other factors. Below we try to explain how it is all worked out. Here’s how!

What Discounts Can You Get When Buying Car Insurance?

There are many different types of discounts that car insurers can apply to your policy in order to reduce the premium. Discounts can be applied to the policy for no claims bonuses, multi cars, buying online and much more.

What Types of Car Insurance Policies Are there?

There are 3 different types of car insurance that a car owner can choose from; they are 'Fully Comprehensive', 'Third Party, Fire and Theft' and 'Third party'. A detailed definition on each car insurance types.

What Others Features and Benefits are there for Car Insurance?

There are many other benefits and features associated with car insurance policies as well as protection such as such as courtesy car, breakdown cover, no claims protection, windscreen and glass replacement, rewards points, legal protection, cover when driving abroad and much more.

What Specialist Car Insurance Policies Are There?

There are many specialist car insurance policies for drivers to choose from and include, women’s, young driver, over 50s, student, classic cars, 4X4s, imported cars, kit cars, modified cars, performance and sports car.

You’re Car Insurance Checklist for Getting a Quote

In order to successfully get car insurance quotes car owners will be required to submit the following information about their vehicle and personal details.

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