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There is a real problem for young persons to obtain car insurance these days. Many providers are unwilling to offer cover because the risks involved are too high for these drivers. Those that do offer even the most basic level of insurance tend to set their premiums so high that they are beyond the reach of most young people who can least afford it. These prices are based on the collected data of claims and crashes for under 21 drivers. The facts are very negative indeed and show that around one in five young people will make a claim during their first year of driving on the roads. An 18 year old male is more than three times more likely to be involved in an accident than a 35 year old male.

Other collected evidence shows that young persons are involved in more car crashes attributed to excessive levels of alcohol and drugs. They are more inclined to break the speed limits and to cause fatal accidents. All these statistics point towards an elevated risk and this is why insurance companies are so reluctant to offer cover. Each individual insurer also has their own data that they refer to for age groups and certain models of cars. Young persons tend to be involved in accidents late at night, and there is a 17% increase in accidents between the hours of 10pm to 5am. Drink driving and speeding are two main culprits for these late night crashes. This has been attributed to over confidence and showing off in front of friends and peers whilst behind the wheel.

All young people who collect 6 penalty points within the first two years of driving are given an automatic ban. They are in effect, taken off the roads for their own safety, and the safety of other road users. They then have to re-take their driving test, which includes the theory section as well. The costs involved with doing this are considerable, so it is seen as a good deterrent at present.

There are a few proposed initiatives to attempt to reduce the number of young persons being involved in accidents. One is the graduated driving license which works by giving extra driving skills to youngsters. The test would be much more complex and demanding, but it would hopefully provide better driving ability and experience at driving at night and in different weather conditions.

Other initiatives are placing restrictions on the amount of passengers a young person can carry in their car. Many fatal accidents involve young passengers being driven by teenagers, so limiting these passengers may help to save lives. Curfews for certain times during the night are another useful idea, as most accidents happen at night. Tracking devices can be added to the car to enable insurance companies to track the movement of young persons.

All these schemes are designed to reduce the risk, which would then bring down the cost of the premiums for young persons. However, at present the premiums are extremely high for car insurance. Even with a standard small engined car, the costs are typically well over £1000, and sometimes considerably more.

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