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Auto renewing your car insurance should be avoided says

A spokes person from has talked about the importance of not auto renewing their car insurance policy. Motorists should not allow motor insurers to auto renew their car insurance when their annual term finishes, as most renewal prices are much higher than last year’s price and often less competitive than other insurers.


Talking Dog Misleading

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint from a television viewer that the Churchill Insurance advertisements featuring the talking bulldog are misleading.


Fuel Prices See Brits Cancel Bank Holiday Plans

According to information coming from AA Insurance the usual Bank Holiday trips out are going to be curtailed somewhat this year due to the high cost of fuel.


Motor Insurer Suggests Careless Driving Laws Should Apply To All

Direct Line, a leading provider of car insurance, has asked that the new careless driving law should also encompass those drivers who are uninsured.


Drink Driving Can Invalidate Car Cover

Drivers who omit to mention previous drink driving convictions could well find their car insurance is invalid should a claim be made say Norwich Union.


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