Waiting On The Increase

Published: 6/26/2010

A new report from Green Flag shows that we are spending more time than ever before simply waiting – be it in a traffic jam, in a shop queue or for a delivery.

The report reveals we spend around six months of our life just waiting! It seems over a third of the people asked spend over and hour a week waiting in queues at shops and supermarkets. Add in waiting at service organisations, especially banks, and that figure rises to almost two hours.

We are all familiar with waiting in traffic, from the school run delays in the morning, through shopping traffic and the often disrupted motorway journeys. These can be infuriating but Green flag do advocate a policy of not getting stressed to avoid ill health and accidents.

A traffic queue can sometime lead people to drive more aggressively to get out of it, or into a space, but the upshot of that is they may then have to make a claim on their car insurance, which will cost them far more than the time they spent waiting.