Money Gossip News Archive - April 2012

Are more young people failing on how to save money?

According to a parenting and relationship specialist young people in England, Wales and Scotland should learn how to save money, in a step to help them learn the value of money.


Not taking an active role in your mortgage could cost homeowners thousands

According to new research many homeowners are not taking an active role in understanding and managing their mortgage.


Is switching a bank account as easy as it sounds?

According to a recent study on current account holders in the UK, it has been revealed that people who have switched to a new bank account have had problems.


Auto renewing your car insurance should be avoided says

A spokes person from has talked about the importance of not auto renewing their car insurance policy. Motorists should not allow motor insurers to auto renew their car insurance when their annual term finishes, as most renewal prices are much higher than last year’s price and often less competitive than other insurers.


Pet owners should look for quality insurance cover and not the cheapest says Hastings Direct

A spokesperson from Hastings Direct has been talking about the importance of buying a quality pet insurance policy that focuses on the level of cover provided for injury and illness, and not the cheapest priced deal.


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