PM Apparently Misled Public Over Bank Sale

Published: 8/25/2010

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, apparently told the people of the UK that Northern Rock could be sold for a profit in the future while his own advisors had said otherwise.

Gordon Brown had stated in a press conference in February that Northern Rock could be sold for a profit when the financial markets had recovered, though the advisors brought in to look at the options for Northern Rock had said a GBP450 million loss was the best possible outcome, with the most likely result being a loss of GBP1.28 billion. This figure was based on stable house prices, so in the current climate the loss is expected to be even greater.

The Treasury has stated that its purpose in buying out Northern Rock was to stabilise the bank and also the rest of the financial sector, not to make a profit. However Mr Brown should not have misled the public by saying a sale would generate a profit. Oh to have an honest politician, we can but dream.