Cost Of Living Increases Hitting Household Budgets

Published: 5/29/2010

With the cost of living in the UK rising at a higher rate than it has for some considerable time the people of the UK are feeling the need to cut back on their spending.

A survey carried out by the Alliance and Leicester found that over half of those surveyed had already started cutting back on spending. One of the most popular steps taken to save money has been to change gas and electric suppliers. Around 20 percent of those surveyed have done this already. Behind that comes sourcing low or zero interest credit cards, enabling people to cut the amount they pay on their borrowings.

There will be more and more people looking at ways to cut back on their spending as costs keep rising, so being aware of areas where savings can be made can only be helpful. As an Alliance and Leicester spokesperson commented, it is sensible to look for the best offer in all areas of living, since a saving is a saving.

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