Tesco Contents Insurance

Buy Tesco Contents Insurance and get £50 to spend at TESCO. Choose from standard cover and their finest home cover policy. Get a quote today!

Get £50 to spend at TESCO when you buy online Tesco Contents Insurance!

Tesco Contents Insurance

Get £50 to spend at TESCO!

Tesco Policy Features

  • Tesco Contents Cover
  • Cover against fire, storm, theft & flood.
  • £50 giftcard to spend at TESCO
  • Clubcard customers get an even better price
  • Switching fees up to £25
  • All calls are answered in UK Call centres
  • 24-hour emergency helpline
  • And Much more…

Editors Review

With Tesco Contents Insurance you can add additional cover to your policy if you wish such as Accidental Damage Cover, Personal Possessions Cover or Family Legal Protection.

You can also get higher levels of cover with their Standard policy compared to their Value policy. For more information on the levels of Tesco home contents insurance go to their website.


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