Paying More Voluntary Excess Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium

Tip created over a year ago.

Another great home insurance tip that homeowners should consider is to pay out more money in voluntary excess. This could help reduce your buildings and contents insurance premium.

Deciding to pay more and increase the payments for excess in the case of making a claim in the future could reduce the premium to a lower amount.

Make sure that you can afford the excess payments if required. I know it is one thing to increase the excess on the policy to reduce the price, but if you cannot afford the excess payments when a claim is being issued you could be in trouble.

Paying out more in excess is a simple and easy way for homeowners to reduce the price of their home insurance premium, but only consider this if you can afford the excess payments.

More Than home insurance allows homeowners to increase the policy excess when buying one of their buildings and contents insurance policies. Get a quote from them and see how much they can save you.

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