Home Insurance Guide

Use our home insurance guide as resource for learning all about buildings and contents insurance policies. Below we give you all the information you require and much more to help find the right policy that will suit your home insurance needs.

Why do homeowners need a home insurance policy?

Our home is one if not the biggest and most highly valued assets that we possess, and surely it needs protecting against loss or damage to it with a home insurance policy.

Just what is buildings insurance cover?

Buildings insurance cover provides protection for the building. It covers any damage to the property and the fixtures and fitting within the home. It will pay for any repairs or re-building costs.

What is contents insurance cover?

It does matter whether you are a homeowner or a tenant because you will probably require contents insurance to protect your personal possessions and contents in the home from loss or damage.

How much cover do you require for buildings and contents insurance?

In order to work out how much level of cover you need for home insurance, you need to estimate how much your building is worth, its market value and the value of your belongings.

Is it worth paying extra for accidental damage cover on Buildings and Contents Insurance?

Homeowners can add accidental damage cover on to either a buildings insurance policy or contents insurance policy. It will cost an additional charge, but it will provide the policyholder with financial protection should they happen to break or damage something accidentally.

Do homeowners require cover for possessions away from the home with Contents insurance?

Homeowners can add extra cover for possessions away from the home on their contents insurance policy. This feature protects the policyholder’s personal possessions and belongings when away from the home.

Do homeowners require Outbuildings cover?

Outbuildings cover protects any outbuildings from damage or loss and includes buildings such as a garage or shed.

Do homeowners need alternative accommodation cover with buildings insurance?

Homeowners may require alternative accommodation cover if their home is made inhabitable due to a flood or fire. This type of cover will pay for any costs incurred when alternative accommodation is required, while your property is made habitable again.

Is garden cover included on your contents insurance policy?

Homeowners will find that some contents insurance policies offer coverage and protection to include valuables and contents of your garden, and other policies will only provide cover for your main building.

Considering adding home emergency cover onto your home insurance policy?

Home emergency cover is another additional feature of a home insurance policy that homeowners can add for an extra fee. You might find that some home insurers add home emergency cover as part of their standard cover, so you might not have to pay anything extra for this cover.

Do homeowners need to include legal cover?

Legal cover is in most cases included as standard on most home insurance policy features. However, some policies do not include legal cover, so you might have to pay a small fee to include it.

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