Why do homeowners need a home insurance policy?

Our home is one if not the biggest and most highly valued assets that we possess, and surely it needs protecting against loss or damage to it with a home insurance policy.

Homeowners can protect their property and possessions with a quality home insurance policy. But the trick is finding a policy were the homeowner is not paying over the odds for it.

There are two main types of home insurance, the first is buildings insurance, and the second is contents insurance. Both are very different in the level of cover that they offer to homeowners. You can purchase both buildings and contents insurance as single policies or as a combined policy. Discounts are sometimes given to policyholders that buy both buildings and contents insurance together, as both policies go hand in hand with each other. One protects the building and the other one protects the valuable and possessions within the building.

It does depend on what kind of cover you require for your home. Do you require buildings cover, or contents cover, or even both?

For buildings and contents insurance see our home insurance comparison. Homeowners can review the best home insurance deals on the market by leading home insurers.