Is it worth paying extra for accidental damage cover on Buildings and Contents Insurance?

Homeowners can add accidental damage cover on to either a buildings insurance policy or contents insurance policy. It will cost an additional charge, but it will provide the policyholder with financial protection should they happen to break or damage something accidentally.

They could have damaged their television by accident. This type of cover would allow the policyholder to claim back the cost of replacing the broken television on their contents insurance policy.

You could have been doing some DIY at home and you drill through a water pipe. You can claim the cost of repairing the water pipe through your buildings insurance policy.

Homeowners may find when looking for a home insurance policy that some policies may include accidental damage as part of their standard cover. But if it is not included you will have to add it onto your policy and that will cost you a small premium.

When replacing some of the damaged items you may find that the insurer will only replace items up to a certain value. The maximum you can claim is GBP 1,000 per single item. Check the terms and conditions before committing yourself to adding accidental damage, so you know what covered.

Take a look at our home insurance comparison table to see who is currently offering accidental damage for free as part of their standard policy.