What methods of payment can you use to pay for your gas and electricity bills?

When it comes to how you want to pay for you gas and electricity bill you have a couple of options. You can pay by monthly direct debit or every quarter for the consumption you have had over that period.

CAT scheme

Most leading energy suppliers will offer some kind of a discount to their customers depending when they pay by CAT. This is a Continuous Authorised Transaction (CAT) were your bill is divided into monthly instalments. If you were to choose to pay by monthly direct debit then most companies would give you a discount for paying by this method. This discount can help reduce your gas and electricity bill.

Standard Credit

Some consumers prefer to pay for their energy every quarter which is every three months, and will only pay for the energy that they have used for that period. They would need to submit meter readings to their supplier; otherwise the usage will be forecasted. You can pay via check or cash at the post office.

Online Banking

Paying via your online bank can again get you more discounts and a great way to manage your account.

Prepayment Meter

You can pay for your energy through the use of a prepayment scheme were consumers would pay for their energy upfront using a prepayment meter.

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