EDF Energy Gas and Electricity

EDF Energy Gas and Electricity provide dual fuel and gas and electric to more than 5 million UK households. Compare their prices with the rest of the market and see how they compare. Switching energy supplier is easy and simple!

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Edf Energy Gas And Electricity

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Edf Energy Policy Features

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In 2006, three big energy companies named London Electricity, SWALEC and Seeboard Group all merged to form EDF Energy. Today, EDF Energy in the UK supplies gas and electricity services to over 5 million customers and employ around 11,000 staff. It is owned by a French energy company called EDF Group or Électricité de France. EDF Energy own and manage one of the UK’s largest electricity generators. They currently provide gas and electricity to around 7% of the UK energy market.

EDF Energy also offer a Green Energy Tariff where every unit of electricity used will be matched by one unit of renewable electricity from their wind turbines, landfill gas and small scale hydro sources.