Gas And Electricity Tips

Useful tips that can save you money, keep you informed and one step ahead.

Do you switch the light off when you leave a room?

According to research over 15 percent of a households electricity consumption is lighting. So if you can try and use fewer lights at your home and remember to turn them off when leaving a room, you could reduce your electricity bill.

How to reduce time and energy drying your clothes in your tumble dryer

So how do homeowners with a tumble dryer reduce the time it takes to dry their clothes? Well, can start by using the spin function on their washing machine which will dry the clothes out more before putting them in the dryer.

Leaving electrical appliances on standby wastes lots more energy

A great way of reducing the amount of energy and electricity you use in the home can be reduced if you are prepared to stop leaving your electrical gadgets on standby.

Washing clothes in a washing machine at lower temperatures can save on energy bills

Households should consider washing clothing at lower temperatures with their washing machine in order to save money on their energy bills.

Is your fridge and freezer running energy efficient?

Believe it or not but home appliance like your fridge and freezer really can consume some energy. Therefore it is important to make sure that they run efficiently and stay as cool as they can.

Are you’re hot water taps leaking water and energy?

Homeowners should check that their hot water taps are not leaking water in an attempt to stop wasting energy and lower their gas bill.

Be more energy efficient by not overfilling the kettle.

Another great energy saving tip and one that all households should consider is to not to overfill the kettle when making a brew.

Hanging wet clothing on radiators stops energy circulating.

When you’ve just done your washing at home and you cannot dry your clothes outside, don’t be tempted to hang them on your radiators.

Using the right hob for the right pan can save you money on your gas bills

A great energy saving tip for households and one that could save you money on your gas bill is to try and use the right gas hob when using a pan.

We hope you find these tips useful, please contact us if you have any suggestions.