Are there different tariffs for Gas and Electricity?

There are many different tariffs that the homeowner can choose from for their gas and electricity. They can consider Price Freeze Tariffs, Green Tariffs, Internet Only Tariffs and No Standing Charges.

Price Freeze Tariffs

Price freeze tariffs for gas and electricity have a price guarantee were you can cap the price for usually around a year, meaning you will not incur any price increases. Freezing your price can be a good thing to do especially when prices are always going up. This way you can freeze your prices for the next year.

Green Tariffs

Gas and electricity green tariffs you let the homeowner act in a greener way taking into consideration the environment. For Green Energy suppliers take a look at our gas and electricity comparison.

Internet Only Tariffs

Internet only tariffs are obviously only available via the Internet and you would manage your account with your supplier completely on online. There are big discounts and savings to be achieved by opting for an Internet only tariff.

No Standing Charges

All the main energy suppliers allow their customers to pay their bills either by a standing charge that they would pay irrespective of the amount of energy they have used, or with no standing charge tariffs. This is where they would only pay for the gas and electricity that they have used in that quarter.

Consumers will be charged for each unit of kilowatt per hour (kWh) of energy that they use.

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