EON Gas and Electricity

EON Gas and Electricity is one of the biggest duel fuel suppliers for gas and electricity in the UK. Why not compare EON with other energy suppliers to see if they are the cheapest on the market. It’s not too late to switch!

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Eon Gas And Electricity

Stop paying to much for your energy bills!

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EON is today considered to be one of the biggest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK providing energy to around 5 million customers. EON was formally known as Powergen and in 2002 was bought by the big German energy company EON.

E.ON currently produces enough electricity to cater for around 8 million homes in the UK. They are one of the leading green generators with 21 wind farms situated in Lockerbie, Cornwall and Northern Ireland. They are also developing one of the world's biggest offshore wind farms that will be built here in UK waters soon. E.ON’s best prices can be found in their ‘Energy Online Extra Saver’ range.