Gas and Electricity Guide

Use our gas and electricity guide as resource for learning all about energy and utilities companies. Below we give you all the information you require and much more to help find the right scheme that will suit your gas and electricity needs.

How do you compare Gas and Electricity Prices?

Trying to work out which energy tariff you should go for can be a difficult and confusing decision to make. But if you did know what to look for and how to get a bigger discount then you could compare gas and electricity prices with our comparison table.

What methods of payment can you use to pay for your gas and electricity bills?

When it comes to how you want to pay for you gas and electricity bill you have a couple of options. You can pay by monthly direct debit or every quarter for the consumption you have had over that period.

Are you on a Duel fuel tariff with your gas and electricity supplier?

For those households that are paying for their gas and electricity from two separate energy suppliers then they should consider buying it from only one supplier. Learn more about what is called dual fuel supply.

Are there different tariffs for Gas and Electricity?

There are many different tariffs that the homeowner can choose from for their gas and electricity. They can consider Price Freeze Tariffs, Green Tariffs, Internet Only Tariffs and No Standing Charges.

Compare energy tariffs from leading energy suppliers with our gas and electricity comparison table.