Keeping your motorbike safe can have its benefits when getting insurance quotes

Tip created over a year ago.

It’s always a wise decision to try and keep your motorbike safe and taking measures to protect it from thieves is a good decision. Securing your motorcycle with either an alarm or immobiliser will help prevent your bike from being stolen and it will also help you obtain a discount from the insurer.

Fitting your bike with an approved security measure such as chains, locks and alarms can in fact reduce you motorbike insurance premium. By reducing the chance of you making a claim for your bike being stolen, means you are seen a low risk policyholder by the insurer, and that’s why they offer low risk policyholders a discount.

Parking your bike at night in a secure facility like a garage is also good and can also obtain you further discounts from the insurer.

Carrying out security measures on your bike really can lower your motorbike insurance premium. Start carrying out some of these measures if you want to save more money and beat your renewal quote.

Churchill Motorbike Insurance does offer discounts to new policyholders that carry out security measures on their bike such as an alarm or immobiliser. See what difference this can make when getting a quote from Churchill.

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