What other features and benefits are there to consider for motorbike insurance?

With most motorbike insurance policies motorcycle owners can add additional features and level of cover to their policy. It might cost an additional fee, but you can get extra features such as breakdown cover, legal protection, helmet and leather cover, replacement bike in the event of an accident and much more.

Here is a list of optional additional features:

Breakdown cover.

Peace of mind cover knowing that if your bike breaks down help is on the way.

Legal protection.

Legal expensive provide if someone is trying to sue you for damages.

Helmet and leather cover.

Coverage for your leathers and helmet up to a certain amount when involved in a accident.

Replacement bike cover.

If your bike is off the road and being fixed by an approved repairer or garage they will provide you with a courtesy bike.

Protecting your no claims status.

Always a good idea. Protecting your no claims bonus will cost extra but does have its rewards. Get protecting for 2 years and 2 claims without it affecting your no claims bonus.

Additional feature will require an additional cost, but some insurers do include some features on their standard policy for free. Check out the leading motorbike insurance companies and their latest features at our motorbike insurance comparison.

It is always a good idea to have all the cover you can, but it does come at a price. The more extra features you add the higher your premium will be. So only add additional features that you require.

TIP: It may be an idea to try and reduce the number of extra features you have if you are looking to save money and beat your renewal motorcycle insurance premium. Always ask the question. Do I really need this feature? Is it cost effective?

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