Adding modifications to your motorbike will increase the insurance premium

Tip created over a year ago.

An influential factor that can increase the price of your premium is when adding modifications to your motorcycle. Not really a good idea if you want to get a low motorbike insurance quote.

So why do motorbike insurers not like modifications?

Basically because it will increase the risk and the possibility of the rider being involved in an accident and making a claim.

Adapting your motorbike to go faster is considered modification. So supped-up bikes that will now allow the rider to go faster, is not a good idea. All bikes are manufactured to a certain standard by the manufacture, and adding your own modifications can cause unknown problems. Brakes have been tested for stopping the bike at certain speeds, and if they go over that threshold it could cause them to fail.

If you want to add modifications to your bike make sure that you inform the insurer, otherwise you could find your policy being made void if they were to find out when making a claim.

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