How is your motorbike insurance quote calculated?

All motorbike insurance quotes are based on how risky the policyholder is and insurers can calculate how likely they are for making a claim. Their likelihood will determine the insurance premium.

Find out and learn how certain factors can influence the price of your motorbike insurance premium. They could be personal circumstances, your age, the type of bike that you own and many other factors.

The type of bike you own.

The type of motorbike that you own will determine the price of the premium. If you have a new bike that is very expensive then expect to pay a higher premium. This is simply because they are costly to repair or replace.

How you drive your bike.

Your no claims history will have a big bearing on the price of your premium. If you have not made an insurance claim in the last five years, then you should see a reduction in your premium as the insurer offers a discount for claim free motorists. Your driving record will also be taken into account when calculating the premium. Clean driving licences will always get a lower quotation then from a licence that has driving convictions. Keep a clean driving licence by not speeding amongst other aspects.

You’re main purpose of use for driving.

You will be asked for what is the main purpose for driving your motorbike. It could be occasionally, business or personal use. Depending on when and how you use your bike could also play an important in the cost of your premium. Riders that use their bike occasionally will get a much cheaper premium than if you say use it regularly. The more you use your bike the more your insurance premium will be in theory. You may get a cheaper premium if you are a low mileage rider.

Keeping your bike safe?

Depending on where you live and where you leave your bike can depend on your premium. High crime rate areas will affect a higher premium. Securing your bike against theft will also get you a cheaper premium. So if you have your motorcycle fitting with an alarm or immobiliser it will reduce the risk of your car being stolen. Storing it in a secure place like a garage will also help get the cheaper price.

Your age and gender will play a part too.

Depending on how old you are will depend on your premium. If you are aged under 30 years old then you are consider higher risk for making a claim. Older drivers have fewer accidents and can therefore warrant a lower priced premium.

What excess should you pay?

The level of excess that you pay to the insurer will also affect your policy price. Paying out more in excess contributions can lower your premium.

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