Motorbike Insurance Guide

Use our motorbike insurance guide as resource for learning all about motorcycle insurance cover. Below we give you all the information you require and much more to help find the right policy that will suit your motorbike insurance needs.

Why do motorcycle owners require a Motorbike Insurance policy?

If you own a motorbike then you will require a motorbike insurance policy. It is a legal requirement if you ride a scooter, moped, motorcycle or superbike. You just cannot ride a motorbike without an insurance policy.

How is your motorbike insurance quote calculated?

All motorbike insurance quotes are based on how risky the policyholder is and insurers can calculate how likely they are for making a claim. Their likelihood will determine the insurance premium.

What different types of motorbike insurance are there?

There are three different types of motorbike insurance that bike owners can buy. They do depend on your insurance requirements and your budget. Some are cheaper than other but will give difference levels of coverage. Choose from fully comprehensive and third party, fire and theft, and fire & theft.

What other features and benefits are there to consider for motorbike insurance?

With most motorbike insurance policies motorcycle owners can add additional features and level of cover to their policy. It might cost an additional fee, but you can get extra features such as breakdown cover, legal protection, helmet and leather cover, replacement bike in the event of an accident and much more.

Which motorbike insurance providers should I get a quote from?

With any insurance product there are lots of different motorbike insurance companies and brokers to choose from. But which insurer should you choose?

Compare policy features and discounts from leading motorcycle insurance companies with our motorbike insurance comparison table.