Mortgage Rate Amendments Announced By Abbey National

Published: 5/17/2010

A number of Abbey National mortgages have had their rates of interest reduced it was announced today, though the reductions are very modest.

All Abbey National tracker and flexible rate mortgages are seeing an interest rate cut of 0.05 percent, whilst some of the fixed rate mortgages are coming down by 0.17 percent. The ones seeing these bigger reductions are the safer options for the lender, namely seventy-five percent loan to value mortgages. This means the borrower had to put down a deposit of twenty-five percent. The five year fixed rate for this sort of Abbey National mortgage is therefore down from 5.92 percent to 5.75 percent.

An Abbey National mortgages spokesperson explained that the focus of the lender was to offer choice and value. To this end they have reduced rates on a variety of mortgages as the opportunity has arisen in order to deliver competitive products to their customers.

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