Vehicle Insurance As Important As Trip Insurance Says RAC

Published: 6/26/2010

The RAC are trying to get the message across that as well as buying travel insurance prior to a holiday so car insurance should not be overlooked.

As more Britons travel into Europe and beyond in their cars and on their bikes, so the need for adequate insurance has never been greater. If an accident does occur then car insurance, from the RAC or another provider, will ensure there are people on the end of the phone who are trained to deal with situations. Where there are potential language difficulties then these experts are all the more valuable.

There can also be significant costs involved with accidents abroad, so once again adequate car insurance, like the RAC recommends, is a must. The RAC are best known for their recovery services, and the fact that their European Recovery operation saw a ten percent increase in demand last year underlines the need for sufficient protection when abroad.