Parents Lose Patience On Family Car Journeys

Published: 7/19/2010

More Than Insurance has confirmed what most parents already knew, that they show less patience than their children on car journeys over the summer.

Data gathered from the survey found about 10 percent of parents feeling the first signs of impatience and irritation in the first 10 minutes of a journey. More Than Insurance also found the average time parents can manage before they want the journey to end is just 24 minutes. Children on the other hand managed a full 90 minutes before feeling they needed to get out. Children do have the benefit of MP3 players, books and games in the car that greatly helps on the journey.

From a car insurance perspective it is important for parents to remain calm so as to retain full control of the vehicle and maintain their levels of alertness toward other road users. More Than Insurance hope this recent survey will highlight this need for parents, leading to safer and more relaxed journeys.