Property Prices Down Again In May Say Halifax

Published: 6/7/2010

The latest data from the Halifax shows a 2.4 percent drop in house prices for May 2008, making them 3.8 percent lower than they were in May 2007.

A house builder commenting on the state of the housing market right now felt it was quite depressed, with sales numbers well down compared to what was expected. They are forecasting sales down by around 15 percent compared with last year and when combined with lower prices as well the state of the new house market is precarious. The Halifax figures have been confirming this situation for the last few months so it has not come as a surprise to anyone.

What is making the property market harder to work in is the limited availability of home loan funds. The Halifax mortgage providers, as well as those of other financial organisations, are being more wary of who they lend money to. Larger deposits are required now as well as a whiter than white credit history, making it much more difficult for buyers to source the funding they need.