New Mortgage Offers On The High Street

Published: 6/5/2010

Well known high street building society the Alliance and Leicester has just announced some new mortgage offers offering a variety of options for housebuyers.

Fixed rate mortgages are very popular right now as people look to get some stability with their repayments. To this end the Alliance and Leicester mortgage offers include two new fixed rate options. Their five year fixed rate deal will cover up to 90 percent of the property price and stands at 7.14 percent interest. There is also a shorter two year rate, quoting just 6.14 percent interest but restricted to those able to put down a deposit of 25 percent or more.

Catering for the variable rate market the Alliance and Leicester have also introduced a tracker mortgage that follows the Bank of England base rate. Of course this does not ensure a fixed repayment amount but the interest rates are currently lower than the fixed rate alternatives so can prove enticing.