Late July Sees Fixed Rate Home Loan Rate Cuts

Published: 7/31/2010

Good news for home buyers comes from the HSBC which is cutting both interest rates and fees on some of their fixed rate mortgage products.

The popular 2 year fixed rate mortgages offered by HSBC are to have their rates reduced by 0.31 percent, with an additional GBP200 taken off the admin fee. This takes it down to just GBP599. Some of the longer term fixed rate mortgages will also be reduced, with cuts of 0.16 percent.

As well as existing deals the HSBC mortgage department also has a new product to offer. A 5 year fixed rate mortgage with an interest rate of 5.98 percent is to be made available to any customers who have an HSBC Premier or Plus account. This new mortgage does have an arrangement fee of GBP999 with it.