Hold On To Your Passports Advice From Holiday Insurance Provider

Published: 6/13/2010

It appears that around 500,000 people from the UK lose their passport each year while on holiday, with a subsequent loss, according to the Halifax, of over 1.7 million days as they wait to be allowed to come home.

The extra costs of staying abroad, including additional accommodation, flights and so on add up to nearly GBP390 million, or just over GBP130 per person. Advice from the Halifax is to use the hotel safe or safekeeping place in the room for their documents. They should also be aware that one in ten of the lost passports are actually stolen whilst outdoors, so being careful and discreet is important so as not to raise attention.

One further idea, this time from a Halifax travel insurance expert, is to take several copies of the back page of the passport and keep them in a host of different places. This way at least there will be some ID that will help get things sorted out.