Deer Accidents Costly Says Insurer

Published: 6/27/2010

According to information sourced by Credit Plus the cost of road accidents involving deer in the UK is around GBP 21 million per year.

The Highways Agency said that over 75,000 deer were struck by cars per year, with the average cost of repairing the accident being GBP 300. A suggestion has been made to put up extra fencing in areas where deer are regularly found in order to reduce the number of accidents, also saving in the region of GBP 60,000 per day in accidents avoided. The addition of more warning signs for motorists was also suggested.

Although the issue of road accidents with deer sounds a remote one for many motorists it can have a major impact on insurance premiums, both for the individual driver involved in an accident but also for all the insurance company customers since they have to recoup their costs. Credit Plus are hoping that the situation with deer is made better, for both motorists and the deer themselves.