Shop Around For Insurance Older Travellers Are Advised

Published: 7/3/2010

Travellers aged 65 and over, of which there are many, can find it very difficult to get travel insurance according to information provided by Saga Insurance, although they do add that it is not as difficult as it first appears.

Saga Insurance are specialists in travel insurance for those aged 50 and over and advise travellers in this age group to be candid about any pre-existing medical conditions to avoid invalidating their cover. Insurers do not automatically dismiss their application and it is far better to travel with peace of mind than without.

This is something Saga Insurance cater for and they also have no maximum age limit, something they can support by revealing the oldest person they have arranged travel insurance for so far was 100 years old. 92 percent of insurers have been found to have upper age limits, putting Saga in the minority, but that means people know who to talk to when they need travel insurance.