What type of travel insurance should holidaymakers buy annual or single trip?

One of the first things holidaymakers need to decide before buying a travel insurance policy is whether to take out a single trip or annual multi trip policy. It depends really on how many times you intend to travel abroad that year. If you have a holiday apartment abroad and you visit it a couple of times a year, then you would be better off with an annual policy, as it would be cheaper than paying for a single policy every time you go abroad. Otherwise, if you are just going on your annual holiday trip and only going once a year, then a single trip policy is best and will save you more money than buying an annual policy.

What is a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy?

A single trip travel insurance policy has been specifically designed to provide travellers with cover for only one holiday aboard and the cost of this policy will depend on where your holiday destination is and the number of days you intend to be away.

What is an Annual Travel Insurance Policy?

Annual travel insurance or multi trip policies have been designed to protect holidaymakers when travelling overseas for up to year of travel regardless of their start date and however many times you decide to travel abroad in that year. This type of policy offers holidaymakers and business people more flexibility and can be much more cost effective than keep purchasing a single trip policy.

Do you require European or Worldwide Travel Insurance?

Prices will differ depending on where in the world you are travelling to. So it is important to pick the right type of cover. There is Worldwide and European travel insurance to choose from.

Do you require Backpacker travel insurance?

This is for holidaymakers that are travelling abroad for several months as it does not have any restrictions on the number of days you can spend away on one holiday trip. You may also consider gap travel insurance as well as backpacker travel insurance. It all depends on your travel or holiday requirements.

To find a holiday insurance policy that is right for you, take a look at our travel insurance comparison. It will allow holidaymakers to pick the best deals and compare them against one another.