Travel Insurance Guide

Use our travel insurance guide as resource for learning all about holiday insurance cover. Below we give you all the information you require and much more to help find the right policy that will suit your holiday insurance needs.

Why should holidaymakers buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

Read the following information on how to go about protecting you and your family with a quality travel insurance policy when you travel abroad on holiday.

What type of travel insurance should holidaymakers buy annual or single trip?

One of the first things holidaymakers need to decide before buying a travel insurance policy is whether to take out a single trip or annual multi trip policy. It depends really on how many times you intend to travel abroad that year.

What features can Holidaymakers expect when buying a travel insurance policy?

So what features can holidaymakers expect when buying a travel insurance policy? Here is a list of the main features and benefits of a single or annual travel insurance policy for individuals and families.

What things should holidaymakers consider before buying travel insurance?

Holidaymakers and travellers will find the following information useful before buying a travel insurance policy. Discounts and age limit can affect the price of your premium.

Use our travel insurance comparison to find the latest hot deals.