What things should holidaymakers consider before buying travel insurance?

Holidaymakers and travellers will find the following information useful before buying a travel insurance policy. Discounts and age limit can affect the price of your premium.

Age limit

As all insurance policies are based on risk, it is no surprise that a policyholder’s age can play a major factor in the cost of the holiday insurance policy. Older people will find that they when they reach the age of 65 and over, their premium will start to get expensive. There are some providers who specialise in travel insurance for older people and you can get a good price. If you have bad health issues you might not be able to get insured at all.


Many of the leading travel insurance providers and brokers all seem to offer discounts of some kind. They could be online booking related or discounts for adding a certain number of people on your policy. You may find family and couple discounts with some insurers, and some may offer free insurance cover for children. Take note of the features and benefits when viewing our travel insurance comparison.

Consider the above information when comparing travel insurance polices in order to get the cheapest priced premium for you and your family.

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