What type of breakdown cover do you want?

So what type of breakdown cover do you want? We’ll coverage depends on whether you require cover for you as an individual or just for your car and anyone who drives it. You will find when viewing our breakdown cover comparison table that not all providers offer both options, but it can make a difference on the price.

Breakdown cover for an individual will enable them to drive any vehicle they like and get breakdown cover assistance. A valid policy means that if you are driving your partner’s car and you break down, you can get breakdown assistance. This type of cover provides the motorist with cover flexibility if you intend to be driving more than one other vehicle.

Breakdown cover for your car is probably a better option for most motorists and means that whoever drives that car will be able to get breakdown assistance if required. This is a good option to consider if you have one car and you and your partner share driving the car.

When you have chosen what type of breakdown cover you want and suit your life style, it is time to start looking at what levels of cover are available to motorists for breakdown cover. Go to our breakdown cover comparison table and see what our leading breakdown cover providers are offering.