What levels of cover are there to choose from for breakdown cover?

There are many different levels of cover to choose from for motorists for breakdown cover. Each level of cover will differ on price as each service is different and providers a specific type of service.

So what levels of cover should you pick?

A good tip when choosing breakdown cover is to try and match the level of cover to your particular life style and travel, as some levels of cover may not appeal to you because you cannot see yourself needing this type of service.

There are five different levels of breakdown cover that motorists can choose from. We will look at each one in detail so you can get a good understanding of each one and whether it is one that you need.

Choose from five levels of breakdown cover.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is the most basic level of cover for breakdown cover. It means that motorists can get their vehicle fixed at the roadside or be towed to the nearest garage so it can be repaired there. Labour is free when fixing your car but if any parts are needed, you will have to pay for them yourself. With most breakdown cover companies roadside assistance is only valid if you are over 1 mile away from your home. This means that if you want breakdown assistance at your home you will need another level of service to add to your policy called home start.

Home Start

Home start breakdown cover offers motorists breakdown assistance when their car has broken down at home and they cannot start their car. If you have a flat battery, the breakdown service will come out and recharge your battery for you and get your car started.

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle recovery breakdown cover will allow the policyholders vehicle to be towed to a garage of their choice or back home when they have broken down by the roadside. It also allows up to 7 passengers to be transported to a destination of their choice anywhere in the UK.

Onward Travel

Onward travel breakdown cover includes the above levels of cover as well plus any accommodation costs or hire car costs while your can is being repaired at a garage. This will allow the policyholder to carry on with their journey regardless of the situation.

European breakdown cover

European breakdown cover is great if you intend to drive your vehicle aboard in one of the many European countries. It provides coverage all year round and for as many trips as you like.

This information will put you in good stead when comparing the different levels of cover with our breakdown cover comparison table.