What other benefits should you consider when buying breakdown cover?

So what other benefits should you consider when buying breakdown cover? Well, there are quiet a few other factors that you should take into account before making your decision on which breakdown cover plan to go with.

How many patrol cars do they have in their fleet?

This is an important factor to consider as the more patrols they have the quicker you should receive assistance when you breakdown. However, some breakdown assistance providers get local garages to assist them with breakdowns and don’t have their own fleet of breakdown vans.

What is the average waiting time for assistance?

Most of the leading breakdown cover companies say that they will be with you within 30 – 40 minutes. Some companies times will differ, but it all depends on how busy they are and what the weather is like. These factors can affect the waiting time for assistance.

How many callouts you are allowed in one year?

You should read the terms and conditions of your policy before taking out a policy as some breakdown providers have a maximum amount of callouts that you can callout one of their patrols for assistance.

Are there any membership benefits?

Some breakdown companies may offer additional benefits such as discounts on car insurance and no claims. If you have not made a call out that year you may get a membership discount for no claims.

What the overall package costs?

You may find that with some providers that you may get a discount. This will help with the final package costs and could save you some money. Some companies offer online discounts and other money saving offers that act as good incentives for purchase. See our breakdown cover comparison for more details. Compare features and benefits of each policy against one another to achieve the best breakdown cover plan.

As with any type of insurance, going for the cheapest option is only worthwhile if you’re convinced you won’t need the reassurance or services that higher cover offers. However, that’s not to say that the most comprehensive cover is going to be right for you.