What other benefits and cover do pet owners get with a pet insurance policy?

The most important part of a pet insurance policy is protection against veterinary costs, but there are many other benefits and features that can help a pet owner with financial protection for other issues.

Pet owners should also be aware of these other features and benefits when searching for a cheap pet insurance policy.

Advertising costs

If your pet happens to go missing or stolen you can get a certain amount of money from the insurer to assist with any advertising costs or rewards to help recover your pet.

Third party liability cover

This additional extra bit of protection will help with any financial or legal costs that have been imposed on you if your pet has caused damage or injury to an individual or property. Your dog could have bit someone and they decide to sue you for medical treatment costs, or your dog could have accidentally caused a road traffic accident because it ran in the road.

Loss or death cover

Some pet insurance polices will compensate the pet owner if the pet has died. The cost of a burial is also covered with some policies.

Complementary medicines

The cost of some additional medicines maybe required after treatment when you pet if sick or has an injury.

Boarding fees

Some pet insurance policies will cover the cost of any boarding fees if the owner has been taken to hospital and there is no one else to look after the pet.

Holiday compensation

If you have to cancel or return home from your holiday, compensation can be awarded if you’re pet has become ill and you need to return home.

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