What are the 3 main levels of cover for pet insurance policies?

Pet owners will find when looking for pet insurance quotes that there are different levels of cover for pet insurance and they are based around the cost or protection against vet bills.

Vet treatment costs are a big factor and can affect the cost of your premium. The different level of cover will suit different levels of budgets and medical treatment requirements.

As this is a major factor in determining both policy premiums and the level of protection provided for your pet it’s important to understand your options when you compare pet insurance plans so that you can choose a level of cover that suits your budget and requirements.

The 3 main levels of cover provided by pet insurers are:

Limited cover

This type of pet insurance policy provides limited cover for medical treatment. It is kind of like a short term pet insurance policy that covers illness and accidents. The amount of money paid out for vet treatment costs and the time for coverage is limited and mostly is up to 12 months for each condition. Pet owners will find that this kind if policy is the cheapest pet insurance you can buy. It is more affordable to more pet owners, but it does not offer the best quality or level of cover.

Financial Capped cover

This type of pet insurance policy will state the exact maximum amount money to be covered for cover for each condition. This policy is more expensive than limited cover option because if offers better protection for long term medical treatment like asthma and eczema. The issue here is that once the maximum amount for money has been spent for treatment for that condition, there will be no more treatment, unless you pay for it yourself. Financial capped cover does provide a fantastic compromise between costs and level of cover.

Life long cover

Life long pet insurance is the best cover you can get to protect your pet for vet bills and treatment costs. It is the most expensive option of the three, but it is the best. It is a fully comprehensive pet insurance policy and protects the pet for both long term and short term medical treatment. It states the amount of money you can claim per condition each year and for the life of the pet. So if your pet does require medical treatment for the rest of it life it will get treatment every year up to a certain amount of money.