How much does the average pet insurance policy cost?

The main factors that determine your pet insurance premium is your pets breed, the age of the pet, where you are located and the medical history of your pet.

Some prices may differ in some parts of the country and are due to higher vet costs such as the South or England.

The majority of pet insurers will allow you to reduce your pet insurance premium by increasing the excess on your policy. Increasing the excess could be a good tactic if your pet is healthy and you can afford the excess amount should it need to be paid.

Beware, as some pet insurers will offer you co-excess. This would mean the policyholder paying out a certain percentage of the treatment costs. I would try and avoid policies like this because you have no idea how much you may have to contribute toward a vet bill. If the vet costs are expensive you could be faced with a huge bill.

A good tactic is to compare as many different polices without pet insurance comparison. You can find the cheapest pet insurance policy for your cat, dog, horse, or exotic pet by comparing the features and benefits of each policy. The more quotes you get the better chance you have a achieving a great saving.

Don’t forget to always read the policy and check the levels of cover on your pet insurance policy. All policies are different and do not have the same level of cover.