The Strongest Credit Card Brand In The UK

Published: 7/14/2010

Barclaycard is acknowledged as being the most powerful credit card brand in the UK according to an independent study of the market.

The survey, carried out by the ACG, looked at the number of people having a card, how often it was used, customer thoughts on quality and how the brand is perceived. Having taken all these factors into consideration Barclaycard came out on top, thanks to it being the best known credit card in the country and also the second most used.

A spokesman for ACG, commenting on the results, said that Barclaycard would stand out strongly in the current economic climate since consumers look to the best known names in times of difficulty, feeling that there is less to worry about with a credit card brand they know and trust.

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Credit Cards Are Vital Backup For Many People

There are many situations where people have to deal with unexpected situations that need to paid for, breakdowns in the home or car for example. However around 7.5 million people in the UK say they need their credit card to cover these problems say the Alliance and Leicester. With a washing machine costing around GBP300 and a boiler over GBP1,000 such problems can become far larger when there are insufficient funds to cover the costs. Around 25 percent of those surveyed by the Alliance and Leicester said they could not manage anything over GBP100, while around half said GBP500 would be the most they could cover. These people look to their credit card to cover such costs, though the recent credit problems are making this a little more difficult than before. Alliance and Leicester credit cards or alternatively a regular savings account can help cover these situations and get customers through a difficult situation.

New Credit Card Deal Is Highly Competitive

The credit card market seems to be hotting up as companies aim to offer the best deals in order to win customers. The latest Capital One credit card is one such deal and is expected to be very popular. As credit has become harder to source the natural outcome of this is less customers to go around the different credit card companies. Capital One and the many others out there are all looking to gain the customers that are left and so have to entice them with attractive deals. Consumers looking for a new credit card have never had it so good. The Capital One offer includes zero percent on both balance transfers and purchases, meaning that consumers using the card do not have to worry about the interest payments for some time, a situation that, with the financial pressures hitting them right now, is a good position to be in.

Foreign Currency Conversion Needs Better Understanding

Foreign exchange rates can be costing consumers money according to an Abbey National credit card division survey. The survey has found that around 38 percent of people would pay in Sterling on their credit card whilst abroad, believing they would not incur exchange costs. This is not the case though since dynamic currency conversion means the transaction is converted to the local currency automatically. It is also often the case that it is the receiving bank that levies the charge, often at quite high rates. Again this is something most people are unaware of according to Abbey National, finding over 60 percent falsely believing this to be the case. The Abbey National credit card Zero is an exception to this foreign exchange scenario and as such it is hoped that either more consumers will use this particular card or that other credit card providers will follow the Abbey National lead.