A Fitted Security Alarm Can Save You Money On Van Insurance

Tip created over a year ago.

Van owners can learn how to save more money when buying van insurance. This van insurance tip talks about how policyholders can obtain more savings if they have a fitted security alarm installed on their vehicle.

When getting a van insurance quote van owners need to say whether their vehicle is currently fitted with some sort of security device like an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device.

Most van insurers will issue a discount to their customers if they secure their van with one of the above methods. It makes the van owner a low risk policyholder with a low chance of hem making a claim for their van being broken into or worse stolen.

If you have not got an alarm fitted I would suggest getting one fitted before you get a quotation.

Direct Line van insurance offer discounts to new policyholders when they secure their vehicle with some sort of an alarm. View their current features and discounts at our van insurance comparison.

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