What features can you expect when buying a van insurance policy?

Many of the leading van insurers will let the van owner to pick and choose which features to include on their van insurance policy.

They can choose from windscreen and glass cover to cover to tools and equipment cover. Some features may be including as part of the insurers standard policy and other features you may have to pay an additional fee for such as breakdown cover and legal protection. Each policy is different so make sure you check the policy features included before you buy. You can see the main feature of each van insurance policy at our van insurance comparison table.

Below you will find the main features of a van insurance policy:

Breakdown Cover

You can choose whether to have breakdown cover included on your policy or not. It will cost extra, but will give you peace of mind that if you breakdown help is on the way.

Replacement Vehicle

A replacement van will be provided when your van is being repaired after an accident. Sometimes added as standard on some policies, otherwise an extra fee will be required.

Protected No Claims

You can protect your no claims bonus my paying an additional fee. It allows you to have a couple of claims with a period of time before you lose your No Claims discount.

Windscreen and Glass Replacement

The replacement of your windscreen or glass when it is broken or cracked. This will not affect your no claims status.

Tools and Equipment

Some polices will protect your tools and equipment against loss or damage when been involved in an accident or they have been stolen from your van. Usually, this will cost extra for this type of cover, but some insurers may add it to their standard policy.

Stereo Equipment

Cover on stereo equipment is provided and claims will not affect your no claims status.

Legal Expense Cover

Get protection against legal costs if you have to have any legal action taken against you following an accident.

European and Overseas Cover

Cover is provided for driving your van in a European country for a certain period of time.

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