Have You Paid Off All Your Debts Before Applying for a Credit Card?

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Before you apply for any savings accounts you should all make sure that you are debt free? Paying off any debts and making sure your income is more than your expenditure means that if you do have a certain amount of money that you want to invest, you can.

One of the first ways for consumers to invest is to look at Cash ISA’s. These are tax free investments where you can save with a certain amount of money before you have any tax deducted. They are a great way to save and invest, and you are allowed one cash isa every tax year. Look at Cash Isa’s first for a great way to save.

You should then look into other types of savings accounts. Some offer a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time. Some savings accounts allow you to save and invest on a monthly basis, where you can add money each to your savings account and get a fixed rate of interest. These are monthly deposit savings accounts.

HSBC savings accounts have many plans for you to consider. Take a look at their online bonus saver.

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